Teng Hoi Community Composting

George Woodman is a former teacher and founder of Teng Hoi conservation organisation. He shows their composting facility project at the school in Sai Kung. The children learn how their food waste can be made into a valuable rescource for gardening. The earth obtained from the compost is filled with nutrients. George’s aim is to involve community farms into the project to create a sustainable circle.

According to Mr Woodman composting chinese food is very complicated, for they dont seperate the food so everything is mixed. The process involves a lot of know-how and he uses machines supplied by Safe Composting Technology or SCT . They are distributors for Tidy Planet based in the UK. Tidy Planet are the developer of the compost technology and have worldwide patent over it. The ‘washing machine’ was developed by an Italian company and Tidy Planet acts as their distributor.

Part of the educational programm in the school includes visits to a landfill, and an organic farm, where the children get to see how the plants grow and give the compost made in their school to the farmers.

George told us in 2013 two new schools joined the project, which is a big sucess. They want to grow food on the campus as well, so that the children can experience the whole food cycle more in depth. Hopefully the local and national governments will realize having composting facilities on site in places like hospitals, schools, universities, where food is grown or acquired and sold or given to the visitors, is a resilient way to deal with waste and alternative production cycles.

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